Living Life Fully

The Baugh Family

WARNING This style of life may not be for everyone.

The Thomas A. Baugh and Jean M. Unger Marriage of 1986 started this generation of Baugh family. As High School sweethearts, College companions, and Wedded adults, Tom and Jean began a union based on old fashioned principles of mutual trust and admiration. Over 20 years later they share the same basic principles they did when they were married.

For some reason America and much of the world has gone away from the principles which guided parents and grandparents through world wars, famines and global events which allowed the human species to evolve and thrive. Well we're here to say that the old fashion way still works. It takes two parents who love and trust each other through imperfect events. It takes children who are raised with duties to self, family and community, boundaries and freedoms and the responsibility that goes with all of these.